End of Winter

Winter is going out boldly here in Asheville. Although we seem to have had a moderate winter overall, the past two weeks have produced a fair amount of snow, ice, and rearranging of people’s plans. I am declaring we are finally nearing the end of winter! Hopefully it is more than wishful thinking! I cannot say I am a fan of the icy cold season. In an effort to shake off the winter blues, I have encouraged myself to do some healthy things – going back to a healthier eating plan, and jumping aboard a 10 week exercise challenge. Also, I have found the energy to pick up my art supplies a little more often and work on some creative projects.

Today, the first thing that creatively captured my attention as I looked outside to find a yard full of snow, were dozens of birds flying wildly outside my apartment. There is a bird feeder on the deck upstairs, and much of the seed gets knocked down to the ground to the delight of the local birds and squirrels. I captured a few photos with my iPhone, and posted one to Instagram this morning.

In addition to enjoying the view outside, I started a 24″ x 18″ pencil drawing, which is a sketch at this point, but will soon be filled with an abundance of color! I also had fun completing a blackout poem using a page from a science book I found at a used bookstore awhile back. It was a challenge to search through this particular page for the right words, but I was quite content when I finally completed the poem.

I certainly look forward to warmer temperatures and less weather-induced stress in the days ahead, but am determined to walk in strength and joy through the remainder of this season.


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