Inspiration from My Local Bookstore

As one who believes in cultivating my creativity, I regularly make time to go places, and participate in activities that keep me inspired. Today, between running necessary errands, I stopped into Mr. K’s Books, which offers used books, movies, and music CD’s. I first went over to the CD section, and picked through the albums hoping to find some of my new favorites, but came up empty handed. None of the movies jumped out at me either. I zig-zagged through a few book sections, and settled in on the cookbooks for awhile, hoping to find a book of healthy recipes I might like. Nope. I had to be somewhere in 20 minutes, so I made one last stop by the Art books. I cautiously stepped closer to the books while another woman was eagerly and quickly flipping through one book after the other… throwing some on the floor in her stash of items to purchase, and shoving some back on the shelf. I realized the books I wanted to look at were to her right, and slightly in front of her, so I politely stepped around her floor stash, and tried to focus on the titles on the shelves. She soon scooped up her items and shuffled off to another area of the store. It wasn’t long before I had 3 books in my arms and was heading to the checkout counter.

I bought FREEHAND: Sketching Tips and Tricks Drawn From Art, by Helen Birch. This is a wonderful small, but chunky book with a great collection of various types of sketching styles, and ideas to use in drawings. I am already excited to choose some of the techniques to implement in my work very soon!

I smiled when I opened the pages of Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, by Mason Currey. This is such a fun find! Several artists and creative thinkers are documented in this book, from Jane Austen, to Frank Lloyd Wright, to Charles Schulz. This book highlights some of the interesting working and living habits, and lifestyles of the artists. Maya Angelou, apparently finds it difficult to get her writing done at her home. She chooses to go to hotels and motels when embarking on her creative endeavors! Woody Allen does not do well sitting in one place, he has to move around, taking walks, multiple showers, pacing in a room before he can successfully work creatively. Picasso insisted on creating alone, and he spent much of his creative work time in the middle of the night. See??? How fun is this?! I will definitely be leaving this book out in my living room for intriguing conversation starters!

Lastly, I found a book authored by a local Asheville artist – Steven Aimone, titled, Expressive Drawing: A Practical Guide to Freeing the Artist Within. This is another book that includes helpful techniques, tools, and examples of drawing styles. I look forward to using this book as a guide for my own work, and perhaps I will go search out the author here in my hometown and see his work in person! The woman at the checkout counter says he offers art classes, which sounds like something to look into.

So, there you have it — a short trip to the local bookstore can be a wonderful opportunity to mine out treasures for creative inspiration. Have you found any inspiring resources, lately?

Inspiring Books


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