About The Artist


About The Artist


Gabrielle Dearman

Gabrielle’s work expresses distinctive vibrant primary colors, lively content, and adventurous intention. Many of her works skate the line between abstract and representation, drawing the viewer into her world through familiar forms and leading them into new mysterious places and questions. Gabrielle enjoys exploring themes relating to the challenges of living in an organic-meets-inorganic world such as connection, growth, reconstruction, and transformation. Some of the frequent subjects depicted in her drawings and paintings are cityscapes, mountains, teepees, and organic forms and structures. Gabrielle is an avid science-fiction television and film fan, and she frequently takes inspiration from stories set in futuristic dystopian and utopian landscapes. She brings a fresh perspective to the art community through her willingness to venture with paint, pencil, and ink into both the positive and negative sides of residing in a world of technology vs. life, and she voices her insights with a balance of sophistication and playfulness.

Gabrielle has been actively artistic from early childhood. She participated in both community, public school, and college-level art courses and art clubs through her early years into adulthood. In 2009, Gabrielle moved from the metro-Atlanta, Georgia area to Asheville, North Carolina where she currently resides. She relocated to be in an environment better suited to her creative goals, and to be close to the beautiful natural surroundings that Asheville offers.watercolor painting futuristic mountain landscape gabrielle dearman asheville, north carolina

In addition to being an artist, Gabrielle has also worked with young children in various capacities since 2002. She currently works as a nanny and a creative childcare professional, offering creative parent’s day out sessions and art classes for children as The Touring Art Nanny. Gabrielle attributes her playful style of vibrant color and movement in her creative works in large part as a result from her work with children.


Gabrielle Dearman, Asheville, NC

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